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Zlatan got the number Martial, Frenchman sent a link United fan


After the arrival of José Mourinho in Manchester United occurred between attackers low voltage. Suddenly, this post seeks a lot of talented players and the competition between them is too great. The biggest buzz at the moment did the arrival of Ibrahimovic. He thanks his big ego carved on his new jersey number nine, despite the fact that he was previously at the Red Devils wore Anthony Martin.

Immediately after the publication of this report have occurred between supporters of the debate on its future. As the Frenchman moment for the European Championship is still on vacation and did not attend with the team exhibition games in Asia, it has started to argue about his possible departure from the team. On top of that he came later replacing his shirt number and team information came Martialovej dissatisfaction, which further increased the rivalry between him and Ibrahimovic.

As it is, in fact, he found one of the fans of Manchester United. It is on holiday on the Greek island of Santorini, as well as one of its stars and directly asked him what kind of a feeling of transition to the new number. Anthony Martial bequeathed all fans that his new Eleven pleased with it and has no problem. People do not believe everything that appeared in the media, because it is not true.

Martial got the words of this week for the second time. Big rush came after finding the information that the Frenchman quit your current employer to follow on social networks. Automatically again swarmed controversy that leaves the Red Devils. Yesterday again everything got into a rut because it appears after a mistake Martial began again to watch Manchester United and on Instagram as well as Twittru.

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