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Spirited Wayne Rooney does not pass, and if anything happened


English football player Wayne Rooney says that as part of the Premier League will never change jersey. Manchester United has a valid contract until June 30, 2019 and intends to comply with it.

“Everton and Manchester United remain the only two teams of the Premier League, in which I worked during my professional career. Within the top English competition already does not pass anywhere, even if it happened to anything,” quoted by DPA words Rooney , which were presented just before the start of EURO 2016.

Englishmen will be on the continental championship the last opponent of Slovakia in the group.

According to British media on Rooney’s decision to remain at Old Trafford he was also affected by the arrival of Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho, who sees it as a key player “red devils”.

“Wayne is more than a decade the best English footballer,” said the Portuguese coach.

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