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Deschamps criticized lawn, Albania coach advised him pointedly


At the very end he slipped several times also Paul Pogba. National team coach the host nation to blame competent, who have opted to be an area of ​​one of the scene Football Championship held in May rock concert.

“It’s a disaster, but not surprising,” he said Deschamps commented on the quality of the lawn, “When you are on the field a month before the concert ME AC / DC and lay a new lawn, it then looks as well.”

Albanian coach Giovanni De Biasi , however, came with a simple recipe on how to deal worse condition and the board: “When you have the appropriate shoes, you know prevent unintended slipping.”

Proper equipment is apparently not chosen a home Paul Pogba, who repeatedly found himself at the end of the lawn, in one case it was in promising opportunities within the Albanian penalty area.

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